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Using Twitter to Find Links

Posted by admin on December 11, 2013

Twitter is obviously not new or a new idea. It currently has around 550 million users and is growing rapidly. This means that you want to be on Twitter and using it for marketing. But Twitter's potential goes way beyond just tweeting updates, product discounts or your new blog post. It's potential extends into finding relevant content, potential customers and websites for linking. I want to use this little tutorial to practically describe how this is possible.


We recently stepped into a role as the online Marketing and Social Media agency for a company in Vanuatu called The Summit, that grows and makes sandalwood and other essential oil related beauty products. This new role has required us to dive into a world of natural health care that we previously knew nothing about and had no contacts in. We literally were starting with nothing and trying to build and SEO strategy for a company tucked away in an unknown corner of the world.


However, it turns out that essential oil users love Twitter and we've been using it not just to promote products but to find new links. Here's how:


1. Identify Your Marketing Keywords.

This was easy for this project, they sale products and we used the ingredients of those products as the basis of our keywords. For instance, they excel in sustainable Sandalwood growth and production which makes their Sandalwood Oil some of the best in the world. They also offer Tamanu Oil which is highly touted as being able to cure acne and heal scars. These are two products that we really want to promote and sale and get their pages at the top of SERP's.

2. Search Twitter with Your Keywords.

Whether you're using an app or the website, Twitter provides you with an extensive search function and capability. Just type your keyword(s) in there and hit search.



For our search we used the phrase 'Sandalwood Oil' and got a ton of results:



3. Navigate Results for Relevant Content and Possible Links:

This will take a littlebit of work and some time. Scroll through the search results and see what other people are saying about your topic and look for people who:

  • need more information on the topic.
  • want to purchase something regarded to your topic
  • articles related to your topic

So obviously, if you find someone looking for information - give it to them. If you find someone wanting to purchase - show them what you got. And open the links and read and look for articles that might give the opportunity to interact. (See image above) Our search led us to an article on the 'genes of sandalwood' :



and at the bottom of this page we have exactly what we are looking for, a little gem of an opportunity to leave a comment about the article:



4. Leave Quality Content That Is NOT Spam:

This is really key, before leaving anything ask yourself if you were the administrator of this site, would you appreciate the comment. Don't just throw a URL in the box and post it. Use this as an opportunity to build relationship, establish authority and recognize that even in a comment box people will be making an evaluation of your brand - so help them make a good one.

The company we are working with happens to be an industry leader in sustainability, so we added our two cents to the 'genetic debate' and then a link back to an article on our site that helps explain the companies ability to promote sustainable sandalwood growth. The result is this:



5. Link Deep:

It's important for your linking strategy to reach beyond your home page. So notice we didn't just link people back to the home page of our site but to the relevant page of our site. This will help reduce the idea that you were just spamming as well as increase click through rates at your site assuming people like what the find and are interested in more.


Now The Summit Vanuatu has one more content relevant, keyword appropriate, non-spam link from a trusted website back to theirs. Yeah!


It's a small beginning but a daily or weekly dose of this strategy will yield amazing results.


Thanks for reading. Leave your ideas, comments and thoughts below but please don't leave your junk or leftover spam.


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