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Narcissism and Social Media Marketing

Posted by admin on August 5, 2013

Narcissism is NormalNarcissism Is defined by Dictionary.com as: inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.


The reality is that everyone is a little narcissistic. We love to talk about ourselves, tell stories about ourselves and even (my own kids are the worst) stair at ourselves in the mirror.


Now enter the age of Social Media. One of the reasons social media has become what it is, is because we, as humans, are narcissists. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, (old school MySpace)  and the like have given us socially appropriate ways to toot our own horns, express our own opinions or show our support of someone else's opinion.

In short, narcissism. (Here's an interesting article stating the same).

A Google Image search of the Narcissism is also good for a laugh.


This is all a little "tongue in cheek" - a little over stated but at its core true. Now enter SEO and Social Media Marketing. This is all the craze and companies are abuzz with how to leverage Social Media for greater ROI and conversions. While there is a lot of thought that needs to go into a strategy for using Social Media and it's timely implementation we cannot forget the narcissistic nature of social media. Let me explain with an example from a strategy we are creating for a company in Australia that retails rigid inflatable boats.

chicken narcissist

So, how do we use social media to increase awareness, utilize SEO, achieve higher page ranks and, well, sell more boats? This company was using Facebook primarily to show pictures of new stock with the occasional event support picture or something from the shop. This works great if you are using Facebook primarily as your photo-gallery but doesn't have enough human interest to generate any kind of social engagement much less a post that could go 'viral'. Our solution is to connect this company with their customers in a way customers want to be connected with - aka, feed the narcism.

So, we have recommended and encouraged the company to take pictures of customers with their newly purchased boats and post these to Facebook with a tag of the customer as well as a link back to their website (preferably to the specific page of the newly purchased model and brand of boat). This approach does two specific things:

First - the tag now opens the post to being viewed by all the customer's friends who will be more prone to 'LIKE' and/or comment the post because they want to congratulate their friend on the new purchase. This will inturn give the post a wider and more prioritized circulation which will increase awareness of the company and products.

Second - by using a specific URL in the post it will push these pages towards the limelight in regards to Google indexing and linking creating a fuller picture of the company's website as opposed to just linking to the Homepage.

We have also recommended that the company initiate a photo-contest for customers to take pictures of themselves (Narcissistic - I know) with their boats and then have participants vote on the best pictures. The winners will then be awarded free stuff or have their picture featured in future promo material.


This kind of campaign will result in higher engagement (people want to share pictures of themselves as well as encourage their friends to vote) which will also help increase Page Likes which will boost overall awareness. This kind of activity favors well in both Google and Bing algorithms when determining page rank and SERP's. This is just a sample of the variety of ways marketers can leverage Narcissism and Social Media to their advantage.


What are some of the ways you are using narcism as part of your marketing strategy especially in regards to Social Media?

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