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My Experience of Being Cheated by Poddar Kennel

Posted by admin on October 15, 2011

This article details the true events of my interaction with Poddar Kennel of Delhi, India and thus represent my opinion of the owner and his company.

First of all, let me apologize for using this space, this blog, for a personal issue such as this. However, we have been so burned by Poddar Kennel that I want to use whatever means necessary to inform others and keep them from the same heartache we've experienced.


My family and I have been living in Varanasi, India for the last three years. We moved here as a combination of both a business opportunity and a leading from the Lord Jesus. One of the things we gave up when we moved here was our family dog. Since then, we've toyed with the idea of getting a Dog here in India but the logistics are a little crazy. Lately my kids have been really longing for a pet (dog) and in order to keep them from petting the street dogs we decided to bight the bullet and begin looking for a dog of our own.


We've literally spend months researching the perfect dog for us and looking online and visiting pet shops to find it. We have called countless 'Kennels' asking about their dogs, pricing, breeding practices etc... We even had a guy go by train to Rajistan and meet us in Delhi with a Dog (we're looking for a Maltese Puppy) but before meeting up with him we asked him to SMS a picture of the dog. It was a small dog but definitely not a Maltese. We told the guy to not even bother.


Shortly after this we found www.poddarkennel.com. We were impressed by the kennels presentation, website, and knowledgeable information. So we decided to give them a call and send some emails.

We had decided previously that we wanted a Maltese Puppy. The fact that Poddar Kennels had a whole web page describing and displaying Maltese was encouraging.


Their pictures seem to indicate that they know what they are talking about. In our emails we asked if they could provide us with a purebred puppy. They assured us they could. In at least three emails we repeated the question making sure that we wanted a purebred Maltese Puppy - and not some knock off. Again they assured us that their dogs are purebred and even sent us these pictures.


These pictures fit the definition of Maltese Puppy: White Fur, Black Long Nose, Black Paws, as well as small in size. After seeing these pictures we became really excited. We paid via Paypal and arranged to have the dog shipped via Airline from Delhi to Varanasi (1:15 minute flight).


We waited patiently for the transaction to process and even went and bought a few Dog items. Then they sent us a SMS confirming that the Dog was booked on a flight and on its way to Varanasi. We went and removed our kids early from school and drove the 1 1/2 hours to our airport. We had to wait another hour for the Dog to appear at the pick-up counter and when they lifted the dog carrier onto the desk our mouths fell open.


"Whose dog is this?" I asked. This can't be ours because we asked for a Maltese Puppy and this dog is neither a Maltese nor a Puppy (see picture below). I immediately called Poddar Kennel and the owner, Mr Bijoy, who was conveniently in town to ship the dog an hour before was now 'unreachable' because he was 'out of the country'. I confess I was upset and gave the woman on the other end of the line a earful. She just kept insisting that the dog was a Maltese (it was actually a Pekingese or variation of it). The dog at the counter was far from white, and its nose was short like a pug or Pekingese. It was also quite large - about the size of a soccer ball - which would be monstrous for what they were claiming was an 8 week old Maltese Puppy.



To make a long story short, we refused the delivery and made the airline ship it back. My sobbing kids climbed back into the car empty handed and confused. After we had left the airport Poddar Kennel tried to send us some SMS's telling us that we needed to return to the airport and feed the dog and some other nonsense. I had to file a claim with PayPal because Poddar refuses to work with us or make any kind of negotiation. So until the claim is settled I'm out over $900.00 USD and I don't have a dog.

Needless to say, if you found this post and are thinking about buying from Poddar Kennel - DON'T ! - In the end you will be sad and much poorer than when you started.

If you had a previous experience like this then please leave a comment below (they are monitored). Also take a moment to leave a negative review and poor star rating for Poddar Kennel on their Google Maps page.

Let Justice Be Done!


October 28th, 2011. We just heard from PayPal that these kinds of transactions do not fall under their Buyer Protection Agreement. This means that Poddar Kennel has literally stolen $916.00 from me and there's nothing I can do about it but fight back online.

Please - Do not trust or purchase any animals from Mr. Bijoy or Poddar Kennels.

Please - Leave a comment of your support.

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