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Edit or Delete Tags in Concrete5.6.x

Posted by admin on February 10, 2013

We recently came across a project where after a Concrete5 site had been installed and operating for a few months, the owners wanted to start adding regular articles via the Core Blog. We helped them set-up their Blog Page and the Blog Archives Page. On the Archives Page the Tags Block was showing all the available tags on the site. This is good, we wanted to do this. The problem was that it was showing the tags that came with the Concrete5 install such as, "Hello World" "First" and a couple other nonessential and nonrelated tags that our clients didn't want. I thought I could delete those tags from the sample blog page that also came with the install and it would remove them the Database. I was wrong. This lead us into a small wild goose chase for the location of those tags so we could delete them. So, I thought I would share that goose chase with you so maybe you don't have to go on it as well.

Steps for Removing the preinstalled tags in Concrete5

1. Login as Admin - hover your mouse over the 'Dashboard' Button and click 'View Full Dashboard."



2. From the Dashboard View click on 'Attributes' under the 'Pages and Theme' section.



Page Attributes


3. From the list of Page Attributes - choose 'Tags'.


Tag Attribute


4. Edit or Delete or Add Tags as necessary from the Tag's Attribute Page. This is pretty self explanatory. When we got here, we went ahead and added a handful of forseable Tags that will eventually make their way onto our clients Blog.





Hope you found this helpful and more importantly - time saving. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments below.



Ryan Vars


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