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Project Details: 

  • Website Creation
  • Flexible 3 Column Layout
  • Domain Acquisition
  • Hosting
  • Branded Email
  • SEO Optimization
  • Web Publicity
  • Logo/Brand Makeover
  • Featuring Concrete5 CMS 

This is a website for a small travel agency in Varanasi, India who wanted to expand their business by creating a presence on the web. This small agency offers a variety of services and could be considered a 'complete travel related service provider'. The site features detailed information about the tours they provide and the ability to inquire about each service by unique form submission. Concrete5 allows Glorious Travels to manage their own site making necessary updates when they want to.


SEO: Over a year after we handed this project back to Glorious Services, they contacted us with concerns over their Search Engine Results. They were falling in around page 10 of a Google search for Travel Agents in Varanasi. So we picked the project back up and Optimized every page of the website and we also created online adds and registrations with the top 8 travel related and or yellow page type websites helping broaden their web presence and marketing. Using time tested and proven techniques Glorious Services is now on the first page of a Google Search for Varanasi Travel Agents.