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Vanuatu Real Estate and Property Agency

Project Details:

  • SEO Evaluation
  • Title Tags SEO Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Internal Linking Optimization


AQUA | sanctum is a premiere real estate and property agency / dealer in the Island Paradise of Vanuatu. They deal exclusively in High End property, residential, business and private island sales. The key to this market is having a high profile website with world wide access. Their beautiful and functional site was created by Polinet but Search Engine Results have been frustrating - their top result landing somewhere on the middle of the 4th page of a Google search. Not exactly a profitable location.


RynoMedia analyzed the site and provided feed back on how the might achieve better Search Engine Results. This included adjusting Meta Title Tags and descriptions to match keywords as well as a page by page reveiw ensuring proper internal and external linking.

Results: within 30 days of completing the project, AQUA | sanctum was on the first page of all of our target key word search paremeters (7 different search perameters) and on three of them were the first hit. Awesome!



AQUA | sanctum Vanuatu