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Project Details:


  • Theme Creation/Custom Graphics
  • Concrete5 CMS
  • Web Publicity via Social Networking
  • Content Adjustment
  • Theme for Forum

The owner of Apocalypse-Charting started the site on his own but realized it didn't have the "POP!" that it needed to keep it's visitors. We were asked to re-theme the site, adjust the content for optimum SEO and visitor retention. Keeping the desire of the owner and the flavor of the content we came up with a design that caught both. In an effort to increase site visibility we created a company Facebook Profile, a LinkIn Profile and a Twitter account for the project.

Before taking over the design, the owner had created his own custom header graphic. We employed it's use in the site's forum header which we also themed to match the main site.

Theme for Apocolypse Charting's Forum